Star Wars Is Like Christmas…

…it’s not here yet and I’m already over it.

Yesterday, I was asked by a Star Wars fan if I had tickets yet to see the new film (I’m not even going to call it by name; that’s how over it I am). I said, “No.” Of course, when something we love and infinitely enjoy gives us all sorts of excited feelings not shared by someone else, we plaster a puzzled look on our faces as to why that someone else isn’t as excited as we are about this thing that we love and infinitely enjoy. This is why I expected that puzzled look to come from the Star Wars fan who had just received a negative response to his overwhelmingly positive question.

I like Star Wars, I really do, and I’m glad it’s already breaking records and pulling in gobs of money for the people at Disney to pile onto their other gobs of money. However, when something is constantly in my face, I tend to get a little less excited about it, more and more, every time I see it (the two exceptions being Frozen and anything Taylor Swift).

Yes, when the first trailer for the film that shall not be named came out, I was totally excited to see it. But that’s where my excitement ended; right there, after seeing the trailer, and realizing that it’s just another trailer for just another movie coming out soon.

Since then, it’s been Star Wars everywhere, especially in the last few months. I can’t get away from it, not even by abstaining from social media. It’s everywhere. Hell, my local Barnes & Noble has even been repeatedly playing Star Wars-themed Christmas music (classic Christmas songs with lyrics pertaining to Star Wars).

Now, as much as I love the rain, I’m not one to rain on parades. But it would be nice if there was a little less of one thing that I have to look at everywhere I turn. And I’m not even talking solely about fan excitement as we all know that Disney is marketing Star Wars to death (or, our deaths; I’m sure the franchise will go on long after).

And it’s all making me think: “Okay, I get it. There’s this movie coming out soon. A lot of people are excited to see it. I get it. I don’t need everyone reminding me of that.”

I normally feel like it’s me against the world and things like this solidify that feeling for me. I mean, for once, can we stop with all of the marketing? Can we stop with all of the excitement over something that, in reality, is just another movie? Can we stop acting like EVERYONE loves this franchise so much that EVERYONE is talking about it and is going to see the new film and is going to love it?

For once, can we simply stop and realize that not everyone has a reason to enjoy Christmas?

i heard you like lightsabers


8 thoughts on “Star Wars Is Like Christmas…

  1. Over-hype can make anything exhausting (Star Wars-themed Christmas music?! For goodness sake…*sigh*).

    I like Star Wars too, but I have other things to do right now and will get to the movie when I can. Let’s face it, it’ll be in cinemas for months so I think everyone should calm down a little. Why would I want to scramble to get a (not very good) seat in a packed cinema when I can wait a few weeks and go to a far quieter screening?

    I’m sure it’s a good film and I’ll enjoy it. But it can wait for me to get there.

  2. skyeastra

    I totally get it. I haven’t watched a single Star Wars movie or episode and I’m still alive and breathing! All the super Star Wars fans act horrified when I say this.

  3. I know what you mean, both I and my boyfriend really liked the trailer and we do want to see it, but I don’t need another reminder now that it’s there or that it’s going to be awesome. It’ll do extremely well, it’s Star Wars, but they can stop advertising it now. Everyone knows.

  4. Completely agree with you here! I’ve been a Star Wars fan since the beginning and saw it the other day (enjoyed it) but the overhype is insane. Not surprising mind you but mixed in with all the Christmas hype it’s all been a bit much.

    And you are so right, the holidays can be quite difficult for some, we should always keep that in mind. Best wishes for an outstandning 2016 and plenty more good posts!

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