I perceive through your eyes
troubles and struggles, loneliness endured,
pain suffered and still suffered,
how you withstood hopelessness,
how you survived and still survive.
And whereas you see yourself as broken,
whereas others may see you the same,
I’m the one who understands you,
who admires the invisible beneath your swift beauty,
your fearless, untouchable strength,
that innocent smile as these words I speak now
seek to stay your signature red lips curving starlight.
That is my gift to you, seeing you
as you are, loving you unconditionally.
That is my gift to you after all,
if you so wish,
a holy ground to jump then fall,
and together find a wonderland
in which your every today is a fairytale.
That is my gift, as one
who was enchanted to meet you.
My thoughts will echo your name
until I see you again. …I suppose.


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