Capital “L”

I never knew what love was until the moment
you left and I wasn’t only missing you,
but also missing me.
I never knew the sound of my heart
until the day we met and my heart melted
so it could treasure your name with each caring
beat, a beat with graceful will
to mend the broken pieces of your aching heart
as I stroke the tears from your cheek
and the fears from your eyes, whispering
past your pastel earrings reminders of your
courage and kindness, and my desire to make
your dreams come true, as my dream come true
is you, and a forever of everything we can do.

We can walk side by side, hand in hand,
fingers clasped, feet set to a magical pace,
my gaze celebrating your gleaming blues
while your heavenly voice speaks charmed melodies
and our devilish stares plot bliss we’re to endure
under the immersive umbrella of each
delicate kiss in the excitable rain.

Or we can pillow talk all of our cravings in life,
travels we’ll take, memories we’ll make
as we wake to summon our adventurous spirit
with one voice, one heart, one intimate song.
Or we can dance and spin in our imagined
ballroom, your elegant T-shirt and shorts dress
captivating an audience of plush bears
and puppies, fuzzy turtles and Wookiees
happily looking on as we glide and shine, free
among the wishful stars in the sparkling night sky.
Or we can flip through endless photos of
Taylor Swift
and observe how pretty she is and how much
you resemble her, or how much you think you don’t.
It matters not what we do, only that
I’ll wait only for you, to feel the embrace
of your elegant skin as I caress eternity.
For in your absence I’m wholly lost
but beside you my purpose found,
to bring everlasting joy
as my love lifts you to higher ground.

And as the palace we build reaches above
the clouds and the cradling moon and beyond,
I’ll cherish each motion, sweet glance and timid grin,
and vow every day to live forever with you
or die forever without you.

For every time you smile, I smile
and every time you shine, I shine for you,
and every time you laugh,
I thank a God I don’t believe in
for creating you.

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