A Diary Of The Well

I’ve been thinking about putting together a poetry book, so I made up a cover (below) to get an idea of whether I actually want to do it. Tell me what you’re feeling about that cover, if anything.

The title of the book, I Can Live Without Heaven, comes from the last line of this poem (Should I have said “Spoiler Alert?”). For some reason, it’s just stuck with me since I wrote it.

Oh, and the subtitle was originally A Diary of the Unwell, but as I like to say, there’s nothing wrong with me since what others consider wrong is normal for me, which means that there would only be something wrong with me if I was what others think of as normal. Given that, I decided to go with A Diary of the Well, you know, because it’s from my perspective.

Hope you like it. 🙂

I Can Live Without Heaven cover
Click image for full size.

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