Every day I wake, I wake alone
Every night I fall, I fall alone
Everything I face, I face alone

How can I think myself a coward?

Every day I wake…
Every night I fall…
Everything I face…


It never stops

No break
No holiday
No one

I don’t want to be alone

Why am I such a coward?

9 thoughts on “Cornered

      1. Dobyou? Or do you think it’s futile? I’m unsure, I want to believe i could be loved that much but i have no evidence. You? What’s your take on it?

      2. I don’t know what to believe. I don’t have an experience of someone offering me the same unconditional love that I can offer in return. Maybe my not having this experience is what motivates me to want to give that experience to someone else.

        But then, does this desire I have to give love weaken me since it creates a need in me to need someone else (after all, without a recipient, a gift can’t be a gift)? So am I stronger remaining alone since it’s what I already know and it shows me that this need isn’t relevant to my everyday life? That’s basically what this poem is about: that confusion, the not knowing what to believe.

        That said, I like to be open to possibilities, whatever they may be or whatever form they may take. I don’t think it’s futile to recognize that all that must occur is a single action in a single moment for everything to instantly be different, to be better.

        I’ll understand if this didn’t help, but I hope it did at least somewhat.

      3. I think I share your perspective. We cannot wait around for it. Life goes on. But equally closing off everyone doesn’t work either♡ it’s a thin line, not sure what side i am on yet 🙂 we must be twins of thought my friend, well said♡

      4. Sometimes I feel like a piece of my puzzle for which I can’t find a place would actually fit with someone else.

        I don’t know what that means. It just jumped into my head when I read “twins of thought.”

  1. It’s interesting too how alone one can be in a room full of people. Find just one person to connect with though and you’ve struck gold.

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