Lightsabers Are Bacon

The lightsaber is the greatest weapon brought to almost life.


It’s elegant, portable, highly deadly, and the blades are bright, pretty colors. The sounds it makes when waved around or clashing with another lightsaber are badass and are fun to mimic as pretending to wield one brings out the child in even the most mature of us. Plus, the fact that what we know of science says that lightsabers are impossible to make lends an even greater sense of coolness to them as we attempt to figure out how we could hold up a middle finger to what we know of science to bring lightsabers to full life.

Since we can’t do that this very day, it’s at least a relief to see other people who are just as obsessed with the lightsaber as I am, people who are talented enough to insert lightsabers into places where they normally haven’t been. Before your mind drops into the gutter, I’m talking about television shows that aren’t Star Wars. For example, as good of a slice of entertainment as The Walking Dead is, even that show can be 100x better with a lightsaber. Observe…

As great of a leap in quality as that was, the difference is of high contrast when seen in a show not of the same writing caliber as The Walking Dead. The CW series Arrow is 1000x improved with the presence of lightsabers.

Seriously, ever since Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, I’ve wondered why we don’t see lightsabers showing up in everything. And why shouldn’t they?


Although, Disney was kind enough to get every bit as obsessive with lightsabers as a normal fan (whatever a “normal fan” is) when they made The Force Awakens.

i heard you like lightsabers

By the way, if you’ve never seen a short called Birth of the Lightsaber, take a 15-minute break from whatever you’re doing and give it a look. It’s totally worth it. 😉


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