Heroes And Villains

I don’t have heroes,
those who protect the status quo.

If life is on, then life must go on.
Change must not occur,
there must be no death nor chaos
or demons sprinting amok.
All must flourish in life and order
as angels approve with smiles.

I can’t be me at my core,
a storm in the eye of a hurricane
whose beginning is not remembered,
whose end cannot be seen,
whose duration is forgotten
once passed.

I don’t have heroes,
those who wish to save the unsavory.

If not allowed to burn
in stabbing rains and battering hail,
then what am I allowed,
and how am I allowed,
and what life may I live
in yours, a status quo
exclusive of my nature
so your nature can rule
in your peace?

I don’t have heroes,
that’s why I understand villains.

How interesting is a world
not in freefall,
not the way it was meant to be,
surviving on its own,
like the rest of us?
Thou shall not covet.
Thou shall not steal.
Thou shall not kill.
Thou shall not be human.

But even villains
are heroes in their own minds.

The unloved aren’t without love,
but simply not given love
to hold onto as sense crumbles.
Who can I look to?
Who can I follow?
Who can I wish to be?

Who will stand up?
Who will rise to the occasion?
Who will attempt to save me

from myself

when heroes fight heroes
to the bloody end
to see who is right?

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