A Few Blogs To Check Out

I’ve been reading some good stuff from bloggers I’ve recently put a Follow on, so I figured I’d link a few of those blogs here. I only picked out a few because I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with links or make someone feel like they need to spend a lot time checking out every blog I’ve linked to. So here’s a few that I just wanted to mention:

Beth Tremaglio (Wonderful poetry)

Home,Family And Love (Some great critical thinking)

Claudia Hernandez (I’m not mentioning you here only because we have the same last name. Really. I enjoy your writing)

LostSymbols (I love the way this young lady’s mind works)

Specscladeyes (Just added a follow on you today and updated this post to say it. Seriously, my fellow audience members, give her blog a look)

So there you have it, not too many blogs to look over and toss a Like and a Follow to in the event that you do, in fact, like something and want to follow.

Everyone here on WordPress does such fantastic work that I wish I could list everyone and follow everyone and read every single piece posted. But time being what it is, I can’t do that. The most I can do is read what I can get to and every so often share links featuring a few of the talented among us. Hope y’all enjoy! 🙂


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