Bad Trailer Does Not Equal Bad Movie

I’ve been seeing a lot of negative stuff toward the just released trailer for the 2016 remake Ghostbusters. And just to be completely honest, I’ve been a part of that negative stuff. I mean, my first reaction to this trailer… well, let me put the video here first then let you in on my initial reaction.

After seeing this trailer, I thought about how much it strayed from the original 1984 film based on the opening lines of this trailer talking about how these women have a gift and that they’re the only ones who can do what they do. The original film was simply about a few scientists who discovered a way to contain ghosts and turn it into a business. I also thought about the ‘end of the world’ stuff in the trailer that really kind of turned me off because, well, when isn’t the world coming to end in a movie these days? The most glaring thing about the trailer, however, is the fact that I maybe let out a small laugh a couple of times. This trailer, like the previous one, had no big laugh moments in it. To put it mildly, I didn’t like this trailer and my view of the upcoming film was now colored because of it.

But then I read a comment from someone who mentioned that the original Ghostbusters trailer really wasn’t that good either. Of course, I had to check it out, and what I found was something strange in the neighborhood of my mind.

After watching this classic trailer, I thought about how it strayed from the actual movie by pushing the Ghostbusters as the only people who can save the world. Not only that, but I only had a couple of small laughs while viewing this trailer. And the most glaring thing about this trailer is that it completely misses the feel of the movie, pushing the Ghostbusters as badasses rather than as average people who stumble into an extraordinary situation that they’re just not sure that they can handle.

My point is that my comparison of the new film versus the original, at this moment, is solely based on the entire classic film versus a trailer (or two) of the remake. That’s not entirely fair, don’t you think? And if I did judge the original movie based on its trailer alone, I’d have to have the same reaction to it as I’ve had with the trailers for the 2016 version, which isn’t at all positive.

So I have to wonder now if history is repeating itself. With this new Ghostbusters, are we just getting bad trailers for what’s going to be a good film? Trailers, even though they’re supposed to sell us on the movies they’re advertising, sometimes don’t do their job so well, for whatever reason. This is why I use trailers to establish a level of interest, but don’t fully judge a movie based on its trailer (unless it completely spoils the film; see: Batman v Superman trailer 2). At least, I try not to judge. Admittedly, I did go into that territory upon watching the new Ghostbusters trailer. But having seen the trailer for the 1984 film, I now have a different perspective on the remake, one that won’t be fully formed until after I see it. Hopefully, history repeats itself and I’ll love this film too.

But even if the new Ghostbusters doesn’t hold up to the original, there’s really nothing wrong with simply enjoying it for what it is, whatever it ends up being, that is.

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