Stay Faith Lost

Real quick, I just want to give a nod to Lira of HeartBeatsBlue. The below poem actually came from a comment I made in one of her posts, Faith. Give it a read, and also check out Middle Finger. Trust me, you’ll love it. I did. 🙂

And now, on to the poem…

Sometimes, the reason we lose something
is so that we can be open to finding something better.

What’s better than faith?

I don’t know yet.

I’ve never been told
because people are so afraid to lose faith,
and so cling to it or latch onto it once again
as quickly as possible;

but now that I’ve lost faith,
I can discover what’s better than faith, for myself.

3 thoughts on “Stay Faith Lost

  1. Thank you, Gabriel. (:

    Trust me, I think your comment/poem is really good. I’d like it twice if I could, ha.

    Happy writing!

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