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Bedfellows and Tone Poems

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace has been out for seventeen years now. But the length of time between initial release and now never seems to stop the film, or the advertising related to it, from popping into my head every so often. Sometimes, this happens spontaneously while, occasionally, I’ll make a connection to it through something I see. In order for the photo I’m about to talk about to make sense, though, you first have to watch this thirty-second tone poem ad for the film:

All good? Good.

So here’s the story: I was hanging out at a local Best Buy when I saw a display of Disney Infinity toys; you know, the figures that work with the now cancelled game. Anyway, while browsing the display for the Darth Maul figure, I came across a figure for the character Fear from the movie Inside Out. For reasons that remain unclear to me at the moment, I had to remove the two hanging packages from their hooks, stand them next to each other on a nearby empty display box, and snap a photo, all while Best Buy cameras watched some crazy person posing toys and taking pictures of them.

Disney Infinity figures IMG_20160530_154843

That’s the picture I took, Fear standing next to Darth Maul because Fear is his ally, as stated in the above tone poem.

Yes, I realize how stupid this is.

But hey, now I have an idea to buy those two figures (when they drop in price) and stand them next to each other somewhere so that when someone sees them and asks me why I have Darth Maul next to Fear, I can casually answer, “Fear is his ally,” and look on as the person gives me a continued open-mouth stare as if there’s something wrong with me.

Yes, I realize there actually is something wrong with me.

Hopefully, the Best Buy security people will take that into account and go easy on me next time I show up there.

Oh, and I also have an idea for a crossover film starring Darth Maul and Fear that I have to pitch to Disney now. Let’s hope they go with it.

By the way, if you somehow never saw the magnificently done Star Wars Episode I tone poems, I’ll put them below. There are five in total, including the above-embedded One Truth. The others, in the order they appear below, are One Destiny, One Dream, One Love, and One Will. In case you’re wondering (probably not), my favorite is One Love. Enjoy. 🙂

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