*This poem is inspired by a quote in this article concerning depression, an article written by a talented and lovely fellow blogger. Check out her blog for more of her brilliant writing, subscribe to her recently launched newsletter (trust me, you won’t regret it), and please enjoy the poem. Or not; I mean, it’s completely your choice.

I’ve heard it said,
“Don’t live only in your head.
It’s lonely and it’s dangerous,”
but I prefer the loneliness and the danger.
How can I face a lonely death
if I don’t walk a lonely life?
How can I know danger enough
to be comfortable with its presence
if I don’t allow it to envelop me?

If I’m not aware of everything
I’m hiding
from everyone around me, then how
can I be aware of what everyone around me
is hiding? And how can I be
a safe place for them,
so they don’t have to hide anymore,
so they don’t have to live in their heads,
so they don’t have to be what I am?

How can I understand the flames
they suffer in
if I don’t love the fire?
How can they be better
if I won’t be what’s not?
Is there a place for me?
Yes, in my head.
Only there.


5 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. What a beautiful poem, Gabriel. I had never really thought of it from this perspective before, but indeed now I absolutely understand. It truly resonates.

    And thanks for the little promotion by the way, you didn’t have to!

    Have a good day 🙂 x

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it, and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. 🙂

      And of course I didn’t have to give you a promotion, but I wanted to. More people should read your work. You have an amazing gift. 🙂

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