A Matter Of Perspective

What is a piece of Earth if not the plains unspoken
unwillingly spoken for?
A fractured hollow taken for granted by giants
but an abyss to the ants.
With its changing patterns and ever-shifting masses,
sustaining all sustaining each other.
In miniscule, the unnoticed and the unfelt
swim in immeasurable vastness.
And veins pour life into those feeding,
from which is fed upon,
as breath is given and breath is taken.
And tenders of the garden, oblivious to tasks,
but diligently fulfill them by the millions.
And the packs and lone hunters
feast under the cover of daylight or moonlight
or the tingling water’s edge.
And masters of nature with a hunger unmastered,
motivations and gratifications,
bridge and merge a bastard concept of survival
with an egregious false security.
On a sliver of earth, observe from afar
as they draw prideful comfort
in what is perceived to be a safe distance
taken for granted by giants
but an abyss to the ants.

7 thoughts on “A Matter Of Perspective

      1. Oh and even if your work wasn’t as superb as it is, I like the person you are – what I know of them – and I think you’re a lovely person xox

      2. Okay, now you’re just making me blush. Seriously, thank you for the compliments. I think you’re a lovely person, too. 🙂

        Oh my God, I hope that didn’t sound like a dull repetition of what you just said. I didn’t mean it that way. I meant it with complete sincerity. Really, you’re a wonderful, amazing person whose words deserve repetition even though I’m trying to avoid repeating them right now… I should just shut up now, shouldn’t I?

        I like you, too. Okay, now I’m shutting up.

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