The Believer and the Skeptic

A believer was preaching in a park about how God created the heavens and the Earth and the animals and man. The crowd was in awe and marveled at his knowledge of all things mystical and magical.

Then a skeptic stepped forward, confidently proclaiming, “That’s not how everything came to be.”

Not one to step back from a challenge, the believer asked, “Then how do you think we became?”

“Through evolution,” the skeptic said. “We began from a single-celled organism, which split and split and mutated, and through millions upon millions of years of natural selection, everything you see around you, everyone you see around you, grew from that one source into all that you see today.”

The believer stroked his chin. “How did you come upon this knowledge?”

“It’s science,” said the skeptic as he proudly handed a book of science to the believer.

Receiving the book, the believer flipped through its pages, his lips curving into a smile as he said simply, “So that’s how God created everything.”

The crowd was in awe, marveling at his humility.

“What of your book?” the skeptic asked. “How can you still be loyal to its words?”

Closing the science book and handing it back to the skeptic, the believer said, “My book merely represents a beginning of knowledge, not the end of it, as does your book. There is still much to learn, which is why I study my book with as much care as you study yours. This is something we have in common.”

The skeptic looked upon the believer in disbelief. “Your faith is not shattered?”

Patting the skeptic on his shoulder, the believer responded, “On the contrary, my faith is strengthened. Of course God’s magnificence is so, that it could not be contained in a single book.”

11 thoughts on “The Believer and the Skeptic

  1. This is a great piece, I had the same debate with a 3 year old recently because school said god created all, without explaining both sides, so I had a long debate with him, now he is the skeptic because he likes dinosaurs x

    1. You had a debate with a 3-year-old? That sounds like it was a lot of fun. (I’m being serious here.) 🙂

      I like skepticism when it’s about asking questions and being willing to admit not knowing or being wrong. I like belief when it encompasses the same. In my probably messed up mind, if there is a God, then God is a skeptic who questions Him/Herself just as we question ourselves. That, to me, is how we’re created in the image of God, not by a physical shape we take, but by what we think, what we feel, and what we are willing to learn. Again, if there’s a God. I’m open to that answer swinging either way, you know, if you ever feel like debating with me. I have to warn you, though: I’m more like a 5-year-old, so it’ll be slightly more challenging. 😉

      1. Haha I love debating with him, he is extremely intelligent for his age and HR has also learned to out smart me, so I never win, haha I love a good debate, and there are skeptics and believers in this world what ever we think, we’re all cut from the same cloth in one way or another and we have to accept all xx

  2. This was so… Enlightening. Also, at the same time intriguing. There’s so much to learn and discover. I feel in the end, both science and spirituality will be needed to understand the working of universe.

    1. I completely agree. I think we all have something to learn from each other, no matter our point of view. In fact, it’s our different perspectives that increase our ability to learn. It’s a shame that some people prefer to fight for the dominance of their perspective rather than embracing the perspectives of others. I think this is what greatly holds us back as a species. All of the money and effort we spend on wars, imagine if we instead spent that money and effort on education, discovery, and invention.

      1. If one person really wants his/her opinion and perspective to be respected, then he should respect other’s perspective, too. Acceptance and respect is earned, right?
        True. People should be channelizing all the efforts towards better tomorrow. The world would be more happening then.

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