Of Inferences and Flat Mirrors

To see through my eyes
you would have to grow many eyes.
To see into my heart
you would have to rip out your own.

Yes, there is something in me,
dwelling in emptiness not empty
but also emptiness itself.
It is not something I have
but something I am.

Yes, it is in me.
Yes, it is me.
No, it is not a disease.
No, I am not a disease.
No, I cannot be cured.
I know I don’t belong here.

Rip out your heart,
grow many eyes,
and you will see.


2 thoughts on “Of Inferences and Flat Mirrors

  1. Well the thing is you don’t need to be cured at all. Your mind is beautiful. That said, it is so hard to find someone who will see you for who you are and not who you could be. I loved the poem and the title, so insightful! 🙂

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