More Stuff You Don’t Care About

In my continuous bid to make myself seem far more important than I actually am, I’m putting together a book of my tweets on Twitter. Currently titled @G360LIVE: Stuff I’ve Said on Twitter, this isn’t going to be a collection of all of my tweets – no retweets or conversations – only the tweets that I just felt like typing and posting one day. Here are a few examples of original tweets I’ve posted:

August 13, 2015
All of the doors may be closed, but at least the hallway is open.

December 8, 2015
If a gay person doesn’t have to hide being gay, then I don’t have to hide being a total whackjob.

July 12, 2016
My motto in life: You only need to look as if you’re accomplishing something.

Nice examples, huh? As you can tell by the date, that last tweet was from yesterday. It actually makes me wonder if I would be a much better politician than writer.

Anyway, below is a cover I mocked up. As you’ll see, it’s very simple in nature, and it actually has the title and my first name on the back while the subtitle along with my last name is on the front. If that sounds confusing, it kind of is, but I think it works. Check it out for yourself (click the image for a larger view):

@G360LIVE full cover

The two vertical lines aren’t part of the cover; they simply represent the separation between the back cover, spine, and front cover. Imagine holding a book in your hands and then unfolding it so that the entirety of the cover, from back to front, is sprawled out. That’s what I’m going for here: a placement across the entire cover as a single canvas, with even the title and subtitle getting involved in the action.

So that’s the mocked up cover. The book is nowhere near finished as I’m still posting and collecting tweets to fill out more pages. I just thought it was a fun idea, and I wonder if other writers have also done this or are currently doing it. (That’s your cue to give me your thoughts on this, other writers. Is this something you’ve done or would consider doing?)

Anyway again, if you want to join me on Twitter, or are just interested in reading the kind of stuff I post, you can check me out by clicking these highlighted words. And hey, if you give me a follow, and tell me that you’ve given me a follow, I’ll be sure to follow you back. And I won’t ever unfollow you. That’s just terrible. Seriously, I’ve celebrated reaching 100 followers quite a few times and I’m still not there.

Oh, and as with any of my work-in-progress material, including my still not finished poetry book and two-and-an-almost-half novels, you’re welcome to send me an email to request a free PDF copy of this unfinished book, if you’re at all interested. I’m always glad to send out free stuff. 🙂

4 thoughts on “More Stuff You Don’t Care About

  1. I, personally, wouldn’t think to do this because (and I mean this in the nicest way possible) you’re completely insane. You probably already know this, but I figured I’d let you know just in case. 😉

    Before I even clicked on this, I saw the picture and thought “This is something only Gabriel would do… ” but that is a huge compliment (whether you take it as one or not) because that tells me that you’re insane in your own original way. I doubt anyone has done this (because we’d certainly hear SOMETHING about it) but maybe now that you’ve put it out there, more people will take after you because, frankly, it’s a pretty great idea. Crazy, but great. 😀

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