HOPE (Jane Elliott interview)


Give a listen to this interview of Jane Elliott conducted by Tim Black. She discusses racism, politics, ignorance, and education. This lady tells it like it is. She’s very real and very blunt. I love her.

By the way, another of Jane’s acronyms – that she says in the interview – is:


3 thoughts on “HOPE (Jane Elliott interview)

  1. So this was recorded 5 yrs ago. I stumbled upon it today. I cried and I laughed, I shook my head and I my jaw dropped a couple of times. Her predictions of Trump being president where spot on … I would love to see or hear another current interview. Jane is my Auntie in my head. You know that tough aunt that everyone has who says it like it is. So glad I found this interview today!

    1. Wow. I completely forgot that I posted this interview. lol
      Anyway, listening to it again, I’m surprised by how my thoughts on these subjects have evolved in just 5 short years. When I posted this interview, I fully agreed with everything Jane Elliot was saying in this video; however, after all the different points of view that I’ve listened to over those years, I now disagree with her on a lot of what she’s saying in this video, and you’re welcome to disagree with me on any of my points.

      First, I don’t agree, anymore, with the Kaepernick kneeling protest. I now feel that he was, more or less, starting the current virtue signal movement that we see plaguing the country now. Taking a knee before a football game helps no one, just as removing the picture of Aunt Jemima from the pancake box doesn’t help the black community at all. I mean, I’ve still not heard from a Native American whose life was improved by the Washington Redskins becoming the Washington Football Team. Meanwhile, Kaepernick has made millions of dollars in sponsorship money while the black community is in an even worse situation now, even worse than when Obama was president.

      The black community was actually better off while Trump was in office (in terms of employment, at the very least). That’s why we’re seeing people in the black community finally waking up to the fact that the Democrats have been lying to them this whole time, and what really makes me feel good is seeing minorities speaking out against Critical Race Theory. That’s something that only teaches black children that they’re oppressed and will never be good enough, and it teaches white children to hate themselves because of the color of their skin. CRT teaches racism to children, and that’s just wrong. Children are not racist, to start with. They’re taught to be racist, as Jane Elliot says in this interview. Children don’t treat each other different based on skin color; they don’t make a big deal of it, and that’s what we, as adults, can learn from children. For example, I love this clip of Morgan Freeman, in a 60 Minutes interview, talking about Black History Month:

      Second, I don’t agree with her that racism has been perpetuated through laziness, through not wanting to change the programming from hundreds of years ago. Current racism programming is very deliberate, and it comes through politicians who want to keep people divided; they want to keep people from coming together and seeing the real problems of this country. Our main problems aren’t racism or sexism; it’s all about class warfare. The 1% know this, and they’re fighting that war, which is why they’re winning. That’s why the 1% made billions, maybe even trillions, of dollars during the pandemic while the 99% suffered. The corporations keep us divided, and you see that more now with the hard corporate push toward virtue signaling. Pride Month has nothing to do with supporting the LGBTQ community. It’s a corporate tool for virtue signaling, making themselves seem like the good guys while they keep people divided by issues that they’re propping up.

      And now, we’re seeing more divisiveness with mask vs anti-mask and vaxx vs anti-vaxx. Jane Elliot, in this interview, was talking about people being marked to separate them from society, and that’s what the proposed vaccine passports were all about: You either get whatever vaccine you’re told to get (no matter the risks), or you can’t participate in society. How is that freedom? How is that fairness? How is that not dividing a country simply because the powerful want more money and more control? The 1% want to own everything and control everything, and they use racism and sexism to distract people from their efforts to buy everything up and own all the land and all the people on it, and they use these groups such as BLM to push more chaos and distraction while helping no one. The people who created BLM have made millions of dollars from the donations given to the group, but black communities are still no better off. That’s the real tragedy going on right now, all the things some people do to make more money for themselves at the expense of others.

      So yeah, while I still agree with Jane Elliot on some of what she’s saying here as well as her overall message of equality and treating each other with the respect we all deserve, I have to say that events that have occurred in recent history have really opened my eyes to what’s really going on.

      But again, if you happen to disagree with me, you are fully welcome to have your own perspective on matters, and I fully respect your point of view. 🙂

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