Labels Make Everything Okay

We fear loss and call it love.
They have preferences we call hate.
Maybe we can’t find peace
because labels are the bait.

I behave but I don’t,
depends on who you ask.
I’m going to Heaven or Hell
wearing your crafted mask.

Are we really free
to be ourselves?

If they are who they are,
do we accept them as they are?

Turning stars light the sky
as those stars live in the dark.
We see what others reflect of us,
expand or contract to hit a mark.

We accept what we believe,
what we want them to accept.
But why are we in discomfort
when for our loss they never wept?

Are they really free
to be themselves?

Do they accept us
as we are?

It is not their love but ours,
our awful fears come true.
It is we who can never be at peace
until they agree they never had a clue.

It is they who feel the same way,
so how, being alike, is all not okay?


6 thoughts on “Labels Make Everything Okay

  1. Insightful as always! I guess we try to validate ourselves by pigeon-holing experiences and people. And labels become a convenient way of dismissing or approving what we may hate or like respectively. It’s sad but I guess it’s something most of us do rather instinctively. I love how you’ve worded the poem, it’s subtle yet powerful!

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