Recently, I discovered this amazing web comic called GhostBlade by a Chinese computer graphics artist who calls himself WLOP. Upon first glance at a single panel, I was blown away by how much it resembled a painting. The style has a magnificent flair to it that if I knew anything about art, I’m sure I’d be able to describe.


The story is that of a conflict between the human race and the feather race (angels).


Characters are introduced and weaved into the narrative in a natural way.


And locations can have a fantastic energy and originality to them.


There are, so far, seven chapters (0-6) and a prequel chapter, each made up of multiple panels. While there isn’t very much of this comic to read at the moment – I caught up on everything available within a couple of hours – what’s there is of a quality that has me excited to see more. If you need a bit more convincing, or would like a taste of how the comic is drawn, check out the below trailer. Then take a peek at the comic itself. Trust me; you won’t regret it.

Oh, and you can also check out some GhostBlade art at DeviantArt and get a look at some behind the scenes videos at WLOP’s YouTube channel.


2 thoughts on “GhostBlade

  1. The art and the concept definitely have me intrigued. I love the picture of the angelic looking girl and creature/human with a bandaged face leaning over her. Thank you for the recommendation!

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