31-Day Poem: Day Six

In a Heart’s Court Jester

Tired of it all.

Tired of thinking I want,
tired of thinking I need.
Tired of failing,
for a single chance to succeed.

Tired of having no chance,
tired of having no hope.
Tired of using the word “tired,”
but still repeating the pattern
like a failing dope.


4 thoughts on “31-Day Poem: Day Six

  1. The poem is well done, and the rhythm is exceptionally good in conveying the message. I “felt” the fall of failing and felt the fool when I did. Did the rhythm just come out with the thought or did you “put it in there”? Either way, it is a really good poem which conveys its meaning with several techniques/conventions. Good job!

    1. Every poem I write has a rhythm that just comes to me and is specifically for that poem. Sometimes, the rhythm only makes sense to me. I’m glad when it makes sense to someone else. Thank you. 🙂

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