31-Day Poem: Day Eleven

While Temptation Can Never Cease

If the past wasn’t the past,
would I, in the present,
feel how I do?

But even so, the struggle remains
even as another crosses my path.

Her lengthy, blonde hair
and adorably mousy voice
match her height to perfection.
Her somewhat dull blue jeans
hug her never dull curves
in such a way
that I must look away.

4 thoughts on “31-Day Poem: Day Eleven

  1. Very attractive young lady–very good poem. Your last line brings the emotion and the thrill of beauty beheld out clearly. It is so awesome, the attraction so strong, yet tentative, that the poet must look away. You have not only captured the emotion but also the moment of realized attraction. You never cease to amaze me with your gift!

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