31-Day Poem: Day Fourteen

Souls Swim a Frozen Pond

But why isn’t there someone better for her?
Likely, she is sought after by many wolves
surrounding her with their starving eyes,
their chests heaving over their continuously
empty bellies as they nip sharply
at her silk, silver dress, prying a weakness,

or it could be she receives no attention,
despite the beauty she holds but doesn’t see
because others aren’t telling her it’s there.

But if paid no attention by wolves,
this allows her to build up her own self-worth
in such a way that isn’t reliant on dogs at play.


3 thoughts on “31-Day Poem: Day Fourteen

    1. Thank you. I appreciate the compliment.

      But I’m not special or anything. You can do the same thing. I know you can. Just clear your mind and allow the words to come to you. And during the day, if inspiration strikes, drop anything you’re doing (unless you’re holding a baby; you don’t want to drop a baby) and write it down. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. 🙂

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