31-Day Poem: Day Twenty

When Seeking a Feeling of Loss to Rot

Is this not the point of the game,
to win?
What would I win?

Someone to tell me what to read?
Someone to tell me to not talk
during the movie?
Someone whose burdens I must bear?
Someone to chastise me for being unfair?

What would I want to trade
my freedom for?
Maybe for someone who will admire
my hyper-clean toilet?


3 thoughts on “31-Day Poem: Day Twenty

  1. Ah, my…a bit disillusioned, are we? Christmas will be here in a few days. That’s something to get excited about…either a rest from the hustle of preparations, a family day, or a day to stay in bed and enjoy a good old “Bah! Humbug!” grouch. You get to pick. I may combine them all to get through the long day. Ha!

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