A Lovely Vision ‘fore Waking (Titles Only)

To anyone who followed my 31-Day Poem over the whole 31 days, I have to ask a question: did you notice that the titles of the poems rhymed? This is because, when I came up with the second day’s title, I thought I’d give myself an extra challenge, so I figured I’d write the titles of the 31-Day Poem as their own poem. Here they all are below, every title. Please enjoy. 🙂

A lovely vision ‘fore waking
A realization forsaking
Balance once held
In lives so veiled
But only questions fester
In a heart’s court jester
Toward one’s forlorn path
And a beautiful wall’s wrath
As a lingering to succumb
Cradles a lingering numb
While temptation can never cease
In a smothering for inner peace
Though our faults share a bond
Souls swim a frozen pond
Drawn by the most attractive sin
And a possible future of where we’ve been
For what is possible is what is done
Under the corpse of a setting sun
For what isn’t possible occurs not
When seeking a feeling of loss to rot
Even knowing the season will change
To a time for chaos to arrange
That which has a right to confuse
A stirring of a slumbering muse
As what’s lost stays loss
When living comes at no cost
But not all is what it seems
For those unworthy, fate has deemed
Those consumed by inadvertent nothing
Where mercy can’t bring herself to sing
Where pain is peace swaying on a string

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