I can’t contain this anymore, I just can’t.

I have to say how totally in love I am with the music of an artist currently known as Ruelle. I say “currently known” because, it seems, she once released songs under the name Maggie Eckford.

How in love with her music am I? Let’s just say that with only a small amount of storage on my phone (I did buy it about 3 1/2 years ago), in order to include a Ruelle playlist, I had to cut one playlist from my short list of two playlists: Halo and Taylor Swift.

Sorry, Ms. Swift, but Ruelle has such a freakin’ amazing sound! You can hear it for yourself in the videos below (five of my favorites, in no particular order), and I encourage you to visit Ruelle’s channel over on YouTube. Her latest video is for a song from her new EP, Rival, to be released on June 30.

And if you’re a writer, I dare you to not be inspired by at least one of her songs. Personally speaking, “Bad Dream” is a piece that I listen to as I revise my trilogy. That song seriously captures the general mood of my protagonist throughout the three books.

Listen and love!

2 thoughts on “Ruelle

  1. She’s very talented, thanks for sharing! I love hearing about artists I’m not familiar with and will definitely add Ruelle to my library.

    Hope you’re well Gabriel.

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