Generations On Notice Everywhere

When God truly tires
of our travesties
spitting in the face of Love

The wars.
The deceit
The starving
in the street.
The pain
we inflict
to profit
from the sick.

Ignoring need.
Inexhaustible greed.
The laughter
while others die.
Indifference shown
to those who weep
as they say

When God truly tires

Those selfish first
will be taken last.
Extravagant parties
will be long past.
Expensive garb
tear and shred
as repentance mires
in burning beds.

But the rest will not rejoice,
celebrate ruin,
or take pleasure
in pain reeking of sin,
for only evil is evil
and only evil
commits evil
against their sleeping fellows.

When God truly tires,
then will unleash
another flood,
and all will be wiped
from existence,
for this time
there will be no warning.

4 thoughts on “Generations On Notice Everywhere

  1. Reading this, it felt like my heart was slowly moving up (Like when the roller coaster is going straight up, about to take the dive) This is an amazing piece of work. And it is also, true. (=
    Thanks for writing and sharing this.

    1. What inspired me to write this was a recent Jimmy Dore video (on YouTube) in which he talked about the guest list at a wealthy-person’s party. The guests included rich people (politicians, press, and corporate types) who publicly dislike each other yet have no problem getting together for a party while the “little people” they privately throw under the bus struggle every day. We can fix our problems in America; the greedy wealthy simply don’t want to fix them. There are a number of people who I believe should stop calling themselves Christians since their actions are less Christ and more Antichrist.

      Thank you for your comment. I hope I didn’t sound like I was going on a rant there.

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