The End Of Love

I had a dream
in which I was personally witness
to the wars and massacres
around the world,
to the bloodstained greed and lust
backing these atrocities,
to the races spewing hate against hate
while labeling themselves “victim,”
to the injustices against women
and by women,
to the young men who are left affected
with only one way to express their rage,
to the corporations stealing wealth
from those who have little,
to the public further and further divided
along red and blue lines,
to the politicians standing idly by
and allowing all of this,
helping all of this,
for true leadership skill
or at least an ability to care
is lost on them.
And as I was personally witness
to all of this,
out of the corner of my eye,
I noticed a man beside me,
standing tall.
And I turned and looked
and found that it was Jesus.
Not white Jesus, not black Jesus,
not an invented image of Jesus,
but Jesus.
And as I realized
that Jesus had been witnessing
and weeping over
the cruelty of humans,
I asked Jesus,
“When will you return?
When will you come back
to save us?”
And Jesus turned to me,
the tears streaming
like a river through time and space,
and Jesus said unto me,
“Are you kidding?
They would crucify me.”

Speaking of division along red and blue lines…

2 thoughts on “The End Of Love

    1. Unfortunately, yes. I just wonder when the good people are finally going to realize that they outnumber the bad people and wrestle control from them (I’m specifically thinking of the U.S. leadership, who have the ability to change things for the better but don’t because they benefit from things being the way they are). I’d like people to finally wake up and understand that they can make the world a better place, if they come together and do it. Whenever someone tells me that Jesus is coming back to save us, I tend to think, “Or we can save ourselves so that, when Jesus does come back, he can look around and say, ‘Oh look, I don’t have to do anything.'”

      By the way, if you don’t believe in Jesus or the story surrounding him, that’s okay and is not required. The idea I want to get across is that we shouldn’t look for someone else to save us. Wouldn’t it be great if we as individuals and a collective did our own saving?

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