Have Camera, Will Shoot Turtles (In A Good Way)

In the grand tradition of Black Friday, I took part in the annual event of standing in line at a local retailer for the simple action of buying a product that is on sale, likely at its lowest price of the year. Now, you’d think that the title of this blog post has already given away that I bought a camera on Black Friday. Not really. I bought the camera, a Nikon D3500, during a Black Friday sneak peek Target held at the start of November. What I stood in line for an hour, before my local Target opened its doors, to purchase was nothing more than an SD card on which my shiny, new camera could save its photos (I couldn’t find an SD card on sale during the Black Friday sneak peek, so I ended up waiting almost a month before even unboxing my Nikon D3500. Hey, it’s like I say: If you’re gonna be cheap, at least dedicate yourself to it).

Thank God it was a cloudy day with a hint of a chill. No way would I have stood in line that long if the sun had been out and about and bearing the weight of its heat on me. So yes, I’m so glad Black Friday – the start of which now takes place on a Thursday, probably because Americans aren’t confused enough as a whole – happens in late November when the weather sits in that Goldilocks zone that I so prefer.

Anyway, now armed with a camera that isn’t my six-year-old, 3.2-megapixel cellphone, my first real foray into the world of photography, I felt, had to be ruled by turtles. I grew up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so of course turtles are always swimming around in my brain somewhere. Thankfully, the school I attend – and sometimes wonder why I still attend – has a small turtle pond. I ended up taking 18 shots and filming one video, just to take my camera out for its maiden voyage. Below, you’ll find 7 of those photos, that my newfound excitement for this new ability to capture clear photos has pushed me to share.

Thank you for viewing and have an excellent day! 🙂

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