Writing Tips and Film Critique

Writing and Editing Tips: Why You Should Not Always Go For The Joke

Oh my God! I posted a new video to my YouTube channel, Reel Busy Editing, and forgot to write a blog post about it. Where has my mind been?

Anyway, the new video, which you can conveniently view below, takes on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Here’s a rundown of the contents of the new video:

First, I show why injecting humor into a scene for the sake of having humor in the scene simply doesn’t work.

Second, this advice is extended to removing the bad humor present in the film.

Third, I show how reorganizing a scene can both simplify and add a sense of order to it.

Finally, we look at a scene with some extraneous dialogue, remove said extraneous dialogue, and end on a strong line of dialogue.

I hope you enjoy the video. Happy writing and editing! 🙂

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