Writing Tips and Film Critique

Would This Character Say That?

Sometimes, I read a book or watch a movie, and a character will say a certain line of dialogue that will pull me out of the experience because I'll be scratching my head over why that character would say that line. That's definitely something we, as writers, have to be careful of: not allowing a… Continue reading Would This Character Say That?

Writing Tips and Film Critique

Removing an Unnecessary Character Element

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one element of Kylo Ren's character is his penchant for throwing tantrums. He actually does it twice in the movie, which actually affects the movie negatively. The first time, his tantrum just gets in the way of an emergency that occurs on the Millennium Falcon. The second time, Kylo's… Continue reading Removing an Unnecessary Character Element



I try. I try to do the things, the things other people do, do to feel right. Right? I try. I buy. They tell me to buy for myself. For myself, I share to try. I try. I try to share, but does anyone care, care to understand why, why I try, why I don't… Continue reading Trying