I Don’t Know What To Call This

What would you do
if a giraffe said, “Moo?”
Would you act as if
you didn’t have a clue
a giraffe could say, “Moo?”

What if a pig
flipped its wig
watching his brother
combing his wig
while dancing a jig?

Would you think so little
of the pig
wearing a wig
or the cow and giraffe
sharing a laugh?

What about the penguins
playing cards
with the neighing bards,
a weekly gathering
in the horses’ yards?

Would you judge them
or let them be,
let them be what you see,
let them make sense
and smile like a tree?

As the tree has a friend,
a friend with no end
to its wisdom and grace
as it hangs on a branch,
enjoying its place.

But would the owl be allowed
to hang upside down?
What if she wasn’t too proud
to hang upside down
if certainly allowed?

Would you judge them
or let them be,
let them be what you see,
all living together,
living in harmony?



There is a man my people speak of.
They tell stories about him,
about his adventures,
about his struggles,
about the friends he fought alongside
and the father he rescued from the void,
about his caring for the smallest among us,
about all those he saved
and the some he could not.

Stories of him chronicle his travels
across distant worlds far, far away,
recount his search for answers,
his quest for balance,
his loves
and losses,
his heroic deeds
and sacrifices
that at times included his own inner peace.

It is not known how to find him,
only that he appears
when darkness takes hold of the innocent,
when suffering is all a people can know.
That is when he ignites the light
of hope.

Those who have witnessed
say he cannot be killed
while some say he has
again and again,
but he always comes back.
He always returns.

As no matter the evil,
no matter the trials,
no matter those who wish him gone,
one truth remains:
A legend,
his legend,
will never die.

Hope Begins With An ‘S’

What does it cost us:
our conflict,
our greed,
our division,
our wandering in vast deserts with no end?

What does it cost our souls
to turn away,
to ignore,
to do nothing,
to not help when help is called for?

There is one
who can unite us with a symbol,
show us the way,
show us our strength.

By his presence alone,
we will know he is among us
not to save us
but to show us how to save ourselves.

The time to mobilize is here.

The time to stand is today.

The time to endure is now.

For what greater power exists,
what greater teacher inspires,
what greater force is there,
than hope?

Shameless Marketing Alert! New Page Above: Where I Am Published

If anyone cares to notice (or simply cares), I added a new page to my blog, next to Bio, Contact, and The Most Astonishing Fact. The new page is titled Where I Am Published, and I can start it now because… I am published.

Recently, two of my poems were accepted and published in a book called Arizona’s Best Emerging Poets. Starting today, you can order a softcover of the book through this link:

The book contains two of my poems, as already stated, as well as poems from other talented individuals currently residing in Arizona, which is probably the only other thing any of those people have in common with me since I’m kind of a weird case.

Anyway, if you’re interested, do clink that link to check out the book, and in the future, be on the look-out for possibly more links that I will be placing into the new Where I Am Published page. Who knows? Maybe someone else will publish something I’ve written. I’d say, ‘Stranger things have happened to a stranger person,’ but I really feel that there’s no one stranger than I. Yeah, I incorrectly ended that last sentence with “I” on purpose. That’s how strange I am.

A Cure For The Sadness Of Angels

do you laugh?
every baby laughs.
do you laugh?
why not?
I wonder
who stole the laughter
from you?
I wonder
will you ever get it back?

do you wonder?
do you want it back?
do you remember what it was like
to lose control,
to free your soul,
to feel that it all makes sense
when it’s all so strange?
do you laugh?
do you laugh for the joy?
do you laugh for the sorrow?
do you laugh knowing
there won’t always be a tomorrow?

do you laugh
as a reminder
to not take things so seriously,
not take yourself seriously,
to simply revel in the surprise,
in the shock of finding funny
what you’ve been told is offensive?
will you let go of yourself
so the upside down
can turn your upside-down smile
so it can be right side up
as it was always meant to be?

do you laugh?
because if you can,
if you will allow it,
because if you can find it
within yourself
to laugh with me,
then what could there possibly be
that separates us?

Victor Borge - Laughter is the shortest distance between two people

Don’t Fall Asleep

Dreams are personal,
especially nightmares.

They enrage a sense of fear,
at the most fragile vulnerability,
twist images
into a dreaded heresy
of once safe realities.

What makes them frightening
is the helpless feeling,
the hopeless effort,
the truth
that they are the one thing
from which we cannot escape,

for a nightmare

Resistance Is Futile, Neo

I feel alone in this world
as if the collective is insane
and I’m the only one
who merely thinks he is.

Perhaps I should stop
taking red pills.

Then again,
blue was never my color,
except when I feel alone.

Or is blue the reason
I stay in Wonderland?

Am I alone because I’m different,
or am I different
because I’m alone.

The Gathering

You don’t know who you are,
you don’t where you’re from,
you don’t know why
you live to do what you do.

It has been said there are some,
a very few, who watch,
who know,
who understand.

Seek them out,
and once you find them,
you will find the answers
many have died to protect.

You will solve the mystery
to the greatest query of them all:
there can be
only one.


Every morning
we wake up,
greeted by a dawn
we can’t control.

Yet the beauty
of sunrise
is anticipated,

Perhaps morning
is a reminder
of our lack
of control.

Perhaps we too much
for control,
even after sunset.

Shall we celebrate
our freedom
from choices
we don’t have to make?

Shall we anticipate
the beauty
in all around us
to simply be?