If you want to say, “Hey!”
I’m a Twitter @ away…


By the way, that’s G-3-6-zero-LIVE, not G-3-6-OLIVE. lol

7 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Haha. Feel free to write a rom com with that character, if you’d like.

      Wait. If this is going to be based on my user name, would the middle name of this character be Thirtysix then? I don’t know. Gabriel Thirtysix Olive. How does that sound?

      1. I would definitely read something with a Gabriel 360 Olive in it. It could also be a coming of age story where the life of one, Gab Olive comes a full circle, hence the 360. Though that would be extremely lame and predictable. Have to figure out a story for the 360 part. Well, hey! You should tell me – why did you choose the 360?

      2. Actually, my name is kind of a rip-off of Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. Years ago, I was really into Xbox 360, so when I was struggling to figure out a good user name for myself, I thought I’d just replace “Xbox” with “Gabriel” and call it a day. I know that seems lazy on the surface, but… okay, yeah, it’s lazy and not just on the surface. However, over time, I’ve come to look at it as “360” representing a circle, which is a figure that is complete in that there are no open ends. That’s what we are: complete, just as we are. And the “Live” part, at the moment, signifies the fact that I’m alive. No matter what happens, I’m still here.

        Now about that rom com. I like your initial idea, but you’re right that it’s extremely lame and predictable. So we have to make it not lame and not predictable, which will be a challenge but also could be a lot of fun. Maybe we can kick around ideas for that in future emails.

      3. Sounds good to me. You had me at Xbox. We’ll storm ideas soon. I just mailed you a little while back so you’ve got yourself a lot of reading to do. 🙂

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