Angels Don’t Speak

I had a vision of where I come from and in it I asked to see my soulmate but what was shown to me was only what I had already known There they were, all of them one in a striped shirt another wearing a white garment one’s silk dress playing with the wind and… Continue reading Angels Don’t Speak



Recently, I discovered this amazing web comic called GhostBlade by a Chinese computer graphics artist who calls himself WLOP. Upon first glance at a single panel, I was blown away by how much it resembled a painting. The style has a magnificent flair to it that if I knew anything about art, I’m sure I’d be… Continue reading GhostBlade



Curled up in deceptive thoughts chilling a path through my soul. One foot in, one foot out, a captive audience with nowhere to go but down. It’s not fearlessness that wins the night but hopelessness, knowing the faces of the lashes coming, knowing they can be taken, knowing the day will dab the wounds dry.… Continue reading Torment