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Changing The Rules: Where The New Terminator, Dark Fate, Went Wrong

Quick note: I will not be covering Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator: Salvation, or Terminator: Genisys as the recently released Terminator: Dark Fate doesn’t recognize the events of those films, essentially removing them from the official canon. Besides, in terms of how each movie handles the concept of time, Rise of the Machines… Continue reading Changing The Rules: Where The New Terminator, Dark Fate, Went Wrong



I’d cry if I could be sad, shout if I could be mad, expect something different if different wasn’t always the same. I’d sing a tearful song, hold a note just as long as I can hold a smile that means nothing to me or you. When the day comes ‘round light is no longer… Continue reading Recession



Each day, a life’s memories flash, each day, a life’s memories haunt on a journey seeking to heal, on a journey seeking to daunt. A treasure of loving hope. A treasure of deep regret. A treasure of no more words. A treasure of fate not set. A treasure of darkest paths. A treasure of lighted… Continue reading Limitless



I didn’t lose faith in humanity, humanity robbed me of faith shard by shard rhyme by rhyme time by time year to year month to month week to week day by day hour by hour minute by minute I was made to stray as they crushed my hope, as they bent my will away, person… Continue reading Advent



The expanding sun lords over shrinking shimmering reflections of moments leaving their impressions on nothing at all. Colors scatter along surfaces making delicate room for loose pigments of the imagination to float by. Memories fade into recollections of the best of times, which cling with each fibrous breath to each breath keeping them lit. Only… Continue reading Evaporate