A Pencil Can Kill A Zombie?

Thanks to fellow writer and blogger K.J. Chapman, I was recently introduced to the beginning of a lovely blog called Mollie’s Musings, featuring the scribblin’s of the adorably funny Mollie Wallace. In the first post of hers that I read, Introducing…Me, she listed some random, but potentially fun, facts about herself. One of these facts… Continue reading A Pencil Can Kill A Zombie?


Reboot: Twilight

It’s no secret that I love Twilight. Okay, maybe it should be a secret, but it’s not. While I’ve never read the books, I have seen the movies a few times each. And every time I see them, I marvel at the vampire and wolf battles, I swoon along with Bella as she is pursued… Continue reading Reboot: Twilight



It begins with pitch blackness as the infinite waking world slips away, replaced by an infinite dream world. Daylight sets each minute detail of the horrific scene. For now, this is reality. The undead are everywhere, stalking me, voraciously attempting to take me over, to assimilate me into their multitude. Wanting me to be like… Continue reading Recurring