Lesson Learned

Instead of filling my head
with thoughts of what I had
and held with you,
I now envision what I could
and hold with someone else,
someone whose cheek
my thumb doesn’t yet stroke,
but whose kindness adores my
even now blooming anew
in the remains of the garden you
the exception being a single
which grows solitary
from this day
even when no more

5 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. As you know my friend I am a BIG fan of sad poetry. I would never wish you to be sad because you are my friend but I’m not unrealistic, I know life can be sad and if it is, then at least we console ourselves by writing beautiful things which you have done here, so handsomely and it just makes me conversely happy to read your beautiful sad poetry. xo

    1. I’m okay with being sad as long as it helps someone. In that instance, sadness holds purpose and purpose begets reason to continue, even in sadness.

      I love your beautiful writing too, sad and otherwise. 🙂

      1. WE are fans of one another for the same reason and it is a good thing, which mitigates the sadness we may otherwise feel xo (twin souls)

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