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Shameless Marketing Alert! New Page Above: Where I Am Published

If anyone cares to notice (or simply cares), I added a new page to my blog, next to Bio, Contact, and The Most Astonishing Fact. The new page is titled Where I Am Published, and I can start it now because… I am published.

Recently, two of my poems were accepted and published in a book called Arizona’s Best Emerging Poets. Starting today, you can order a softcover of the book through this link:

The book contains two of my poems, as already stated, as well as poems from other talented individuals currently residing in Arizona, which is probably the only other thing any of those people have in common with me since I’m kind of a weird case.

Anyway, if you’re interested, do clink that link to check out the book, and in the future, be on the look-out for possibly more links that I will be placing into the new Where I Am Published page. Who knows? Maybe someone else will publish something I’ve written. I’d say, ‘Stranger things have happened to a stranger person,’ but I really feel that there’s no one stranger than I. Yeah, I incorrectly ended that last sentence with “I” on purpose. That’s how strange I am.

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