Every so often, I like to imagine a trailer for a film that I would reboot or remake. If handed the keys to Lucasfilm, I would absolutely remake the Star Wars Prequels. Below is my imagined trailer narration, in poem form, for a remake of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Can you guess which characters are talking in each line?

We are simple farmers here, nothing more.
We are not involved in your war.

You can help us.
You can make a difference.

It’s a worthy cause.
It’s a damn fool idealistic crusade is what it is.
I have to try.

This is the queen of Naboo.
My lady.
Formalities aren’t needed at this time; courage is what’s needed.
Then courage you shall have from me.

Be mindful of your feelings,
careful of the extremes:
anger, aggression, fear
…even love.

How can love ever be wrong?
love of peace,
love of justice,
…love of her.

It is not only your power you must learn to control,
it is yourself.
It is you who can be made to serve the Dark Side.

What good is all this power you say I have
if I can’t use it to wipe away all the wrongs in the galaxy?
You may be strong in the Force,
but no one is that strong.

There is nothing you cannot do if you put your will to it.
You mean, use my anger.

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