In Case Of Emergency

In every time comes a time when moments
brew drifting thoughts attempting to disarm
the haze covering truth captured in glass.

That time when sad music thwarts sadness, when
melancholy is just another word
that you want to purposely mispronounce.

When offensive remarks shatter worlds
because they have nothing better to do
than be interpreted wrong for right reasons.

That time when a motion picture
with its fake people, made up,
are the only people you can relate to.

When your skin is a wobbly house of cards
past the point it should crumble
from the grace it could never obtain.

That time when the defeated stop trudging
or taking a number or waiting in line,
knowing too well they will never be next.

When the rain frankly shuts off its caring,
having poured the remainder of its contents,
missing an odd hole feeling unwanted.

That time when the hard truth dawning on you
is that no one can ever break the glass
until the sudden moment they have to leave.

For in every time comes that one moment
the haze is dispelled, drifting away thoughts
to capture a time when time is frozen.

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